We're not a big company (but we have big ideas).

When we began, our ideas centered around our passion for great style, distinction, and authenticity. Our search for objects that fit these criteria drove us all over the world. Through the years (twenty-two and counting) our offerings have broadened, and the pieces that “fit” have taken on different shapes and forms. But everything we offered then, and everything we offer now, is hand selected, piece by piece. And our dedication to that idea will never waiver.

Today we offer an ever-expanding, yet curated, collection of beautiful furniture, unusual objects and revolving exhibitions. Our hope is that you like what you see and that you appreciate each items' “story,” whether long or short. We also hope that you'll stop in and visit us, whether in person or online, for a bit of inspiration, if nothing more.

Alhambra Antiques - Our Story
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